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At Language and Fun (LAF), we are focused on helping children currently in French immersion improve their French conversation skills through play. We also help children interested in learning french by introducing the language through fun activities. It is a known fact that in learning a language if you don't use it, you lose it. Knowing that most children do not speak french at home or have other avenues to practice their french, our aim at LAF is to offer a fun space for them to do so.

About us

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why for us our "Funstructors" are fun, french-speaking educators who are passionate about the language.  

What sets us apart is that the children have so much fun playing games and doing activities they already love while learning French. Since this is not the same as regular tutoring it doesn't feel forced or regimented so they enjoy their time with us. This helps to also boost their confidence in speaking a foreign language.

Our son enjoys his time at LAF. The fun & relaxing environment allows him to practice his French speaking comfortably, and have tons of fun doing so. This keeps him and us wanting to come back.

Cecilia E.

The kids communicated that the class was fun and they enjoyed meeting the other kids. They enjoyed the drawing and the games. They sang the Bungalo song after and are looking forward to today’s class.

M & S Hills

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